Connecticut Farm Bureau Association

Feeding your need for new ideas

CFBA Agriculture Expo 2024

Wednesday, November 20th, 2024

8:00 am – 2:00 pm

Aqua Turf

556 Mulberry Street

Southington, CT

Sponsored by Connecticut Farm Bureau Association, Connecticut Department of Agriculture, Farm Credit East, ACA and UConn Extension

Achieve your strongest farm future.

We know you are always seeking new ideas to gain an edge and ensure your business thrives, and Connecticut Farm Bureau Association is on the job meeting your needs in a variety of ways. That means bringing fresh thinking and bright ideas to the table to ensure your family has the best farm future.

Advancing On-Farm Business Solutions

Receive access to on-farm business solutions that support operational growth, transition planning, financial security and risk management.

Connecticut farm bureau growth opportunities

Creating Opportunities for Growth

Take advantage of opportunities to collaborate and learn with the best – satisfying your need for fresh ideas, gaining insights into new technologies and innovations, and engaging with other members by sharing resources and perspectives.

Connecticut farm bureau policy

Shaping Policy

Create a favorable market and business environment by getting a seat at the table to discuss local, state and national issues regarding Connecticut’s diverse agriculture operations – ultimately producing a healthier agriculture industry and growing your farm operation.

Find your next opportunity for growth.

From horticulture to aquaculture, from poultry to dairy, to apples and berries, agriculture in our state is unique in its diversity. And that goes for our farmers too.

But what unites all our farmers is a forward focus. You share a desire for growth opportunities, and for a strong farm and community future. That future can be impacted by evolving markets and consumer trends, by new technologies, and by legislation and regulation.

We know you’re hungry for information and ideas on how to navigate issues like these, improve your business, and grow your profits.

Who feeds your needs for information and ideas? We do – in ways that you may know and in ways that might surprise you.

As a member of the Connecticut Farm Bureau Association, you have access to a collaborative organization keeping pace with your current and future needs. Connecticut Farm Bureau Association gives you access to resources, expertise and information to help drive operational advancement.

Connecticut Farm Bureau Association can give you a seat at the table with policy makers, other like-minded business owners, industry experts or others in the agri-food supply chain, any of whom could present your next opportunity for growth.

Connecticut Farm Bureau Association members have access to:

Nationwide Land as Your Legacy

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